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If I friended you out of the blue, it usually means I think we have a common interest. I try to comment when I friend people, but if you want to figure out where I saw you, just ask!

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Obiter Dicta: August Ends Edition

This last week has been weird. Busy, yet placid.

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Also, I'm having feels about True Blood ending, Doctor Who starting back up, and some books I've read lately, but I'll leave those for another post!

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Just A Sunday

St. Gregory Choir performance went pretty well this morning, although it's going to take a long time to get used to the way things are done at Prince of Peace. I'm trying so hard to make myself like the place, but I just don't! Will keep trying, however.

I was so nervous that I was up half the night! But Bob is working late tonight so I can nap if I want. Doing laundry and catching up on interwebs now.

Stress test tomorrow. Also nervous about that, but I just need to grit my teeth and go through with it.

I haven't had much doll time lately. There's a meet next week, so I need to pick out a couple of dolls to bring and get them dressed up and ready to go.

Still no news about Bob's job application, beyond it making it past the first level. But the last one took a very long time as well, so we are trying to remain optimistic.

Bob and I were all set up to watch the Doctor Who premiere last night and then the cable company suddenly disconnected from BBCAmerica! It was weird as there were no problems with the other channels! It did finally come back on, but by that time we'd missed most of the first half of the show, boo! There was a rerun later that night (like at 1:30 in the morning) so we recorded that and will watch it on Monday.

We were both upset about this but Bob was REALLY ANGRY, as he had been looking forward to seeing this for months! I pointed out that it was a good thing this happened while we were around to see it, otherwise it would have recorded wrong and we wouldn't have known to record the later show!

Watched the series Southcliffe on Netflix yesterday (it's only 4 episodes). Incredible acting and script, but wow, what a downer! Very intense story about a small English town's reaction to a spree-shooting, including from the perspective of the shooter. It's a non-linear narrative, so it takes a while to get used to, but I think that added to the confusion and shock that surrounds such events. Worth checking out if you are into intense drama.

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Aug. 21st, 2014

So I did show up to the choir rehearsal last night. This choir (they call it the St. Gregory choir since Prince of Peace evidently has a number of other musical groups) is much larger than the Cathedral Choir at St. Raphael's. The director told me they had about 40 people, although the official roster has almost 50 people on it, and 4 new people showed up last night.

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As I think I've mentioned here before, I'm struggling to find a way to be comfortable in this parish, which is almost the exact opposite of St. Raphael's. Bob does not like Prince of Peace and has been avoiding Mass even when he isn't working on Sundays. But this is just the way Olathe is. Very cookie-cutter suburb. We have to get used to it and try to find good things about it. I'm sure they are here somewhere!

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First Choir Rehearsal

Nervously awaiting my first choir practice here in Olathe, for the St. Gregory choir at Prince of Peace. Hope things work out well. I'm afraid of not fitting in, as this area is a lot more affluent than where we used to live, and as a housewife, I rarely dress up.

I'll try to get an idea of what kinds of clothes they expect us to wear (at St. Raphael's, our choir director preferred us to wear black and white). Who knows, this place may have choir robes and my clothes won't be an issue? Doubt that, though. Choir robes are very much out of fashion.

I still have a few things that might do, but will probably need to get a couple of dresses. Unfortunately, all the "fat stores" in Olathe have closed down (Lane Bryant was the latest casualty, closing last month). There's a Lane Bryant at Oak Park Mall over in Overland Park, and I think a few stores catering to larger women over in Kansas City proper, but I'm not familiar with those areas as yet. I know of some online places but would prefer to try things on.

Shoes will be another issue. I have a pair of Dr. Scholl's flats that will do for now, but I'll need to find something for winter.

Anyway, I'll know more after the rehearsal tonight. Wish me luck!

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A Bit More about Aunt Nora

My great-aunt Nora's obituary. I was wrong about her being from Virginia--she was from North Carolina originally. I think she had family living in Virginia (one of her sisters or something) as she used to go there to visit?

Anyway, she was an awesome lady and will be missed.

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Faithful Little Laptop

Ever since I got Bob's old tablet for Xmas, I haven't been on my laptop as much. While I do have a desktop computer that I use for most of my computer needs, the laptop is an older model that I use for writing and travel, or for when I want to do computer things somewhere other than my little office. I want to say this is the one I got when I was at Beloit for the language school back in 2005, but IIRC, I sold that one to my Dad and got this a few years later? I forget. I'm sure I've got receipts for it in my records but can't be bothered to go look right now.

It's a very basic laptop at this point--I used to have quite a bit on here, but I had to wipe it and reinstall Windows, etc, after it picked up a virus. It's still a good little laptop, though, and in some ways I like it better than the tablet. Some sites like FB and Tumblr are easier to navigate with a tablet, but I prefer being able to type with both hands!

Anyway, my poor neglected laptop got some attention today, as I pulled it out and made sure all the Windows updates were installed. That took a couple of hours, but I just marathoned some Criminal Minds episodes while waiting for freakin' ever working. There are still some tech things I need to update on here (my Japanese typing app for one) but at least I've got the basics working again.

It strikes me as funny how different the laptop/tablet experience is. The tablet experience is much more passive, as it is a pain to type on. The laptop is harder to scroll with. I do have a mouse for it, but when I'm using it while sitting in my Comfy Chair or on the Comfy Couch (which accounts for about 90% of the time), I use the keyboard mouse instead, which I find harder to control.

Anyway, I've not been online much (except for accessing FB via my phone), so have some catching up to do. Ah, little laptop, I've missed you!

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A Bit of a Scare

Too much excitement lately. I landed in the emergency room on Saturday with chest pains that extended to my arm, nausea, trouble breathing and fatigue. After an EKG, x-ray, and blood tests, my heart looked okay and the emergency room doctor thought it was a GI thing, and sent me home with some stomach acid meds with instructions to follow up with my primary doctor, which I did on Monday.

She looked at the data, poked and prodded me a bit, and also thought it was a GI issue, possibly an ulcer developing. (I have had an ulcer before, several years ago.) My chest muscles were sore to the touch, which she took as possible muscle strain. The inflammation from the GI issue would make the muscle hurt even more. So I'm to continue with the GI med and avoid heavy lifting for a week or so. And watch it with the spicy food. ;_;

I did question the pharmacist and it turns out that the newest psych med that I'm taking (lamictal) can cause increased stomach acid. So I think that explains that. And yes, I've been a bit stressed, worrying about Bob and whether he'll get that promotion he applied for. He's frustrated with his job right now and I don't like seeing him unhappy.

I'm not sorry I went to the emergency room, given that I was showing signs of a heart attack, and there is heart disease in my family. The primary doctor is putting in a request for me to take a stress test, just in case, but on the whole my numbers (blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, thyroid, etc) are in the normal range. It's a bit surprising considering how heavy I am, but OTOH, I come from good peasant stock.

All that drama was exhausting, so I spent most of Sunday and Monday sleeping. I'm doing better today, still sore but getting some household things done. All's well that ends well.

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Friday As Such More

let's eat!
Bob felt the sudden urge for BBQ and he wanted to try a place we hadn't gone yet, rather than Smokin' Joe's, the little hole-in-the-wall place nearby that we usually patronize. He chose Jack Stack BBQ, which is one of the ones you hear a lot about when people are talking KC BBQ.

The nearest Jack Stack's is in Overland Park, near where their Half-Price Books is, so we did a quick culling and took the books in. Didn't get as much as we'd hoped, considering some of what we brought in, but HPB's book buying system is extremely random, so you never have any good idea--sometimes you do okay, today not so well. It was enough to cover a few more books--I got a few Gillian Flynn mysteries and Bob found some random graphic novel, so things evened out there. If I can finish the Gillian Flynn books by October, I can pass them on to my Mom when we see the folks in Branson.

Not so impressed with Jack Stack's. It was kinda pretentious (which is a weird combination with BBQ, which traditionally is folk food to be enjoyed in a casual setting) and overpriced. To be fair, their beef was very tender and their sauce tasty. But I've had better BBQ elsewhere, the portions were small, and the waiter kinda rude. So, all in all, we'd rate it a "meh".

Also, they had some kind of flavored salt you could add to the french fries. It tasted good, but one of the spices in there did NOT agree with me and my insides have been giving me what for ever since!

On the whole, we had a nice afternoon. We caught up with some comedy shows on the DVR, then Bob wanted to disappear into his ManCave for some overdue gaming time. I meant to go to Mass tonight as it's the Assumption of Mary, a Holy Day of Obligation. We missed out this morning and intended to hit the 7pm Mass, but I took a nap and didn't get up in time to go. Which I feel kinda bad about, since I rather enjoy going to Mass. I find it soothing, and Marian feastdays appeal to my pagany side.

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RIP Robin Williams

Just heard the news about the death of Robin Williams and I am devastated. I was a kid when his career really started taking off in the late 1970's (yeah, I'm old enough to remember Mork and Mindy) and I've been a fan of his ever since.

I believe he had Bipolar Disorder, although I'm not sure if he ever formally announced it. He also battled a drinking problem. He had issues, and yet despite them, he was able to turn in some incredible performances, both comedic and dramatic.

My favorite comedy of his was "The Birdcage", while my favorite drama was "Awakenings". Of course, he had many other brilliant performances in many, many other films. He was one of the great actors of all time, a man of true genius.

What were your favorite works of his?

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